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Truck For Rent Metro Manila

We Are Your Truck For Rent Metro Manila With the Motto: “We Take Care of Our Customers”

Are you searching for a truck for rent Metro Manila that you can rely on to transport your household items? We are that company that you can trust to make moving as simple as possible and take care of your items. We are a moving company and truck rental company out of Manila that serves the community with quality service every time.


Things to consider when you move your household:


  • It may be a great time to declutter. It will cost less to move less, so getting rid of unneeded or unwanted items is ideal during a move. Be sure to have a keep, toss, and donate box as you pack to reduce your items.

  • Items like toiletries and household cleaners should be stored in clearly marked boxes. It may be wise to let your supplies of these items run out before moving so you have less to transport and so risky chemicals do not leak on your other items.

  • Label your boxes so you know what goes where. You do not want to be searching through many boxes just to find the kitchen plates on the first day you move in. Labeling now will simplify your life later.

  • Mix light and heavy items. If you have a lot of books they may be best packed with some linens to offset some of the weight in one box. As long as the items are safe to mix and touch each other.



We care about our customers and we take care of our customers. This is why we offer tips and advice for how to best move and what works. Our drivers and movers are highly skilled and take the responsibility of moving other people's items seriously. We also have 6wlr closed van for rent, in addition to traditional moving trucks. Call us today for a quote.

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