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Best Lipat Bahay Services in Manila

When you are going to move home or transfer office to farther location, hiring a good lipat bahay service is the most important decision you should make. And one of the challenges that you may face is in finding the best lipat bahay service for you. To help you find a good service, consider to search through online classified ads listings that has local lipat bahay services near your area.

If you don’t want to experience a horrible move, here are the tips that you shall think through before you hire a Lipat bahay service to move your valuable stuffs.

Check Registration Number

A Lipat bahay service should have registered vehicle plates. You can check their plate number to Land Transportation Office (LTO) or you can simply text LTO number to verify the vehicle registration info.

Check for Additional fees

Before you make deal with a lipat bahay service, ask them for any additional fees. Some lipat bahay companies charge extra for large items, remote area and moving to condos or high rise buildings as they would have to exert more effort to accomplish tasks. Ask them to finalize fees ahead of time and ask for some discounts. Also, compare pricing with 3 to 5 companies. Choose the one who is least expensive.

Choose distance Lipat Bahay service.

A distance lipat bahay would be the best bet especially if you have to move quickly. They can more likely arrive upon the agreed time. If you are in Metro Manila or in any nearby provinces in Metro Manila, J Rayala Lipat Bahay Service is the best choice as they have various trucking services and they are available 24/7. Just Check their website.

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