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Lipat Bahay Manila is one of the leading trucking service in the Philippines. Aside from our proven reliability, we have been recognized as the top outstanding moving company in the Philippines. Thus, we now have a lot of repeating customers nationwide. These are the top reasons why is the most trusted moving company in the Philippines.

Professional Employees

In order to maintain and exceed customer expectations, we continue sly improve our services by providing fully trained professional employees with experience in all aspects of moving. Moreover, all members of our team are highly motivated and committed to meet customer specific requirements and concerns.

Customer Satisfaction

Our company aim is to achieve excellent customer satisfaction so as we ensure that every moving process has attained professionally. And we believe in the essence of planning and preparation in order to make the whole process of moving a lot smoother.


To ensure that every moving has done so stress free, we have initiative to help our client to set up big items and assemple furniture for free. We are extremely organized and hardworking that we never leave any scratch on your walls and items.

On time

No matter how far or inaccessible the area, we always managed to reach our customers on time. We value our customer’s time so we adhere to the scheduled time for the entire pick up to drop off.


We offer affordable and quality moving service in any point in the Philippines and we always ensure that prices are reasonable.

These are the Top reasons why is the most preferred Trucking service not just in Metro Manila but also across the Philippines. That is why we take pride showcasing our professional service to everyone.

If you’re still getting some hard time searching for a right trucking service, then you have taken the right place. Check out our trucking services and feel free to be in touch with us. Just fill out our form below or see our contact us details.

lipat bahay manila lipat bahay manila

lipat bahay manila lipat bahay manila

lipat bahay manila

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